The Institute


The Institute of Electromagnetic Fields (IEF) performs research on the wave and particle characteristics of electromagnetic fields at all frequencies. Of particular interest are fields in the optical, the terahertz and microwave regime.

A strong focus of the institute is on exploiting electromagnetic fields for important applications such as

  • High-speed optical communications (Tbit/s superchannel, silicon photonics, plasmonics)
  • Wireless communications (THz communications, beam forming,...)
  • Applied photonics and plasmonics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Wireless power transmission
  • Electromagnetics for medical applications

In practice, the IEF members work on theoretical aspects, perform numerical simulations, design, fabricate and characterize latest components. The institute has its own software library and maintains state-of-the art labs both at the ETH center as well as at the IBM Rüschlikon site.

An important aspect of the institute's philosophy are the frequent interactions and collaborations with leading companies and universities across the globe. To maintain such relationships its members frequently travel.

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